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30 Day Band Challenge - Day 04: A Picture of Your Favorite Guitarist

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Steve Vai

John Christ

James Hetfield

This post couldn’t be just one for me. Being a guitar player, I had to narrow it down to the “Big 4” that were an influence on me as a young guitarist.

Stevie Ray was what happens when God comes down and blesses a baby in the cradle with a Godlike gift.

Vai’s performance in the movie Crossroads and his solo album Passion & Warfare forever changed the way I saw how a guitar is played.

John Christ was just this blistering force of Punk rock, blues, jazz, and heavy metal. I think one of the most under rated guitarist ever, he was a BIG influence on my playing style.

The first time I ever heard …And Justice for All, I knew, without a doubt, I wanted to play guitar. And it was because of James’ riffage that did it for me. I credit him for me picking up a guitar in the first place.

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